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Features and benefit of Dozzer attachment

Tractor mounted Dozzer attachments can be made on all types of tractors which have a relatively sturdy framework. Ideally, a tractor with around 50 HP is best suited for such attachments because it provides good penetrating power to the leveling blade. However, Dozzers can be made on lower HP tractors as well.

Dozzers are ideally suited for leveling work carried out at road construction sites. Most of our dozzers are very successfully operating in such conditions throughout India. Dozzers have also found use in agricultural purposes and other clearing up or leveling jobs.

Tractor mounted Dozzers have found a place in the multi-utility tool category because of its usefulness as a tractor as well as a leveling tool. Whenever needed, the tractor can also be used for agricultural/industrial or trolley pulling purposes by using the tractor hydraulics at the back of the tractor.

Its much gained popularity and use is also credited to the low maintenance cost associated with the dozzer attachment. There are no additional or expensive hassles involved with the attachment other than those of the Tractor itself.

Tractor Features

  • Heavy in-built Weight
  • Heavy Transmission
  • Ideal Forward & Reverse speeds
  • Slow rated Engine speed
  • Simple design & Rugged construction

  • Benefits of Tractor

  • Firm ground grip
  • Large work output
  • Good drawbar pulling power
  • All round utility
  • Less wear & tear due to sturdy structure
  • Easily available & less expensive spares