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Bhavani Loaders pioneered the manufacture of Loader and Loader cum Dozzer attachment in 1987, and have never looked back since then. The entire design of the attachment was developed completely from scratch at our facility, and was the first of its kind in India during the time of its launch.

With a customer base spread from J&K in the north to Vellore in the south, from Jamkhambhalia in the west to parts of Assam in the east, Bhavani has made itself a name in providing high quality and reliable products to its customers.


Having established itself as a pioneer in this field, the focus of Bhavani Loaders is now set towards not only providing its customers with the highest quality but also the best in customer service. For this reason, we provide on-site service for any major problems occurring in my loader attachment. The spares for our loader are also easily available and at very reasonable rates.

In today's business when efficiency and productivity have come to the forefront of any company's goal list, our product provides the right combination of cost and effectiveness in achieving this goal.

Our manufacturing facility has been set up to incorporate and facilitate large number of orders at a time without any compromise in quality standards. We spend as much time and money if not more, on our manufacturing process as we do to get you the product. We at Bhavani realize that all the improvements in our processes would in turn be transferred to the customer in terms of the product quality and cost.

Our Main Office is located in the heart of the city which facilitates anyone visiting Ahmedabad to visit us with the least amount of hassle. Its prime location gives us an additional advantage of being easily identified in and around the region.


Bhavani Loader is ideal for Quarries, Mines, Paver Plant, Earthwork, Coal, Salt, Lime Stone, Pebble etc

Built in heavy duty features provide you top performance with minimum of service. Every Loader manufactured is rigorously tested to ensure you receive a top quality of product in terms of safety, reliability and performance. Its easily installed bolt-on-teeth saves wear on the bucket.

With technology and requirements changing very frequently, Bhavani Loaders is constantly trying to improve its product. Our group at Bhavani Loaders works day in and day out to make our loader THE best of its kind, and they will not stop at anything less than that. All these improvements are done keeping in mind previous models and their adaptability to the new one. This gives every customer – new or old – a chance to avail of the improvements in the product.